PerfExpert - Dyno & Timed Run 1.7.3


Measure the power and torque of your car with great accuracy!

PerfExpert is a new generation app for accurate automobile performance measurement with new features!
Before the first use we strongly advise you to read the entire GUIDE (

Features :

- Dyno run to measure flywheel power and torque of your engine with dynamic calculation of losses without you need to enter a loss percentage => PerfExpert compute power losses for you.

- Compute corrected power and torque according to DIN correction norm (taking into account atmospheric pressure and ambient temperature). So you can compare measures on different days.

- Flywheel (crank) chart of engine power / engine speed.

- Flywheel (crank) chart of engine torque / engine speed.

- Use of your phone accelerometer at its maximum frequency. Even 100Hz (eg Samsung Galaxy S) or more if your phone allow it.

- Use of advanced signal processing for smoother curves without reducing the acquisition frequency.

- Individual choice of units from a large number: Hp, Ch, Kw, Nm, Ft.Lb, mKg, Mph, Km/h, m, ft, G, m/s², psi, inHg, mBar, °C, °F

- Timed Run to measure your 0-60mph, 0-60ft, 0-1/8mi, 0-1/4mi, 0-100km/h, 0-20m, 0-200m, 0-400m, and much more.

- Excellent measure regularity for accurate comparisons.

- Detailed reports of dyno runs and timed runs with specific information for each type of measurement.

- Export reports in Tab Separated Value format and PNG.

- You send reports by mail, bluetooth or social networks when available on the phone

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